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Friday, September 28, 2012

Diets and Dogs

 Someone told me they keep their dog beneath a certain weight, so the dog can fly in a cabin with them. The dog feels bony to me.

 I felt my own dogs and two of them are not at all fat, but I feel no bones. The third, Kramer, is a cryptorchid. A cryptorchid, I have read, can tend to stay very thin. I do feel bones, but not too much so. The vet said this weight was actually perfect from him as he has two luxating patellas, and weight will only serve to cause harm to them. (The weight is 3.8 pounds for the peanut fellow) (cryptorchidism defined) (if you have a little dog you probably don't need a definition of what a luxating patella is, unfortunately.)

What would you suggest to a person that wants to fly with their dog but  said dog is a purebred that perhaps got larger than they expected, and over a certain weight? (so now that dog cannot fly in the cabin, and the owner needs to take the dog out of the country often.)

I can just google this. One ..moment... please....

OK, the weight limit varies with different airlines. If you were flying Jet Blue, for example, your dog can weigh 20 pounds or less for a cabin ride. But wait, this includes the carrier too.

This is not an easy  one. If you have a snub nosed dog over 20 pounds, this dog can not fly at all.
 My three dogs could all fit in a carrier or kennel and be beneath 20 pounds. Maybe not 15. This is not relevant as I do not think even one of my dogs is going flying with me or anyone as far as I know.

In other unrelated dog news, I received an email from the Park Manager,Manhattan District 1 & 2 Manhattan Outdoor Pool Manager, regarding the angry dog park volunteer who said I can't bring my dog stroller.

Stand up for your right to stroll your dog! Protest by rolling down 5th avenue with your chihuahuas yodeling. A 3 pound dog with bad knees does not need to be walked to a park. I believe he needs to be walked, yes, but not that far. If he (or my others too, of course) got stepped on, it would be.. well, I am going to choose not to think about it. I think of him mostly, as his legs look like pencils and/or stilts.  I think this also relates to the condition of cryptorchidism. Or the condition of, well being a baby reindeer.

I remember a cashier in a store saying to me, in earnestness,"Is that, yo, is that like, you know, a one day old reindeer?"  And being who I am, I said no, more like a week and a half old reindeer.

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