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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Couture Dogs of New York by Paul Nathan

When I adopted my first dog Chester, in late 2010, I took him to puppy play groups to socialize with other puppies. I soon became witness to, firsthand, of the seemingly 'NYC underground' dog world. I never saw or imagined anything like it.  My introduction was cemented when I met a woman at the park named Felicia, whose dog Tommi T was, and is a celebrity chihuahua. She led me to dog events, and I was fascinated by all of it. This book sums up all of the sights I saw, that I did not know were even there to be seen.  It's totally the 'secret world of dogs'.

 I think it is so cool that my dogs are in this book with all of human and dog faces I have gotten to see a bit since my induction into this dog infused world!

One of the creators of this adorable (beyond adorable) book, approached me at the 'National Dog Day' event I attended. This was my first 'serious' event. I usually attended meet up groups. I actually don't think I have attended anything like it since! ( I did attend a 'puputante' ball with my dogs Cosmo and Georgia, that was featured on the tv special 'Posh Pets'. Very different event, though!)  I wore an outfit that night matching Chester, my one dog I had along. He asked if we could pose wearing what we had on, for a book project. I asked if my other dogs could pose too, if I could get them the same outfits. With Amazon Prime 2 day shipping, we were all ready post haste. Interestingly, the designer Anthony Rubio, featured in this book prominently, did the designs my dogs modeled for their next assignment!  What they wear next time around is amazing, like the beautiful couture in this book. The book is beautifully done, funny, endearing and cheerful reading. I am extremely pleased to have my very loved pack of canines featured in something such as this. Great job, Paul and Nadine (Rubin) Nathan!

©Paul Nathan 

The book is now available... This is the picture of us that ended up used. All the pups are looking!

My dogs first modeling job :)

Mr Cosmo Kramer, Miss Georgia Peach Ball Fizzy Moon, Sir Chesterfield Sundae Latte Coco Puff Montgomery.

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