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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Strike a Paws.... Vogue!

Strike a Paws....

High End Manhattan Canine Model, Ms. Georgia Peach
Anthony Rubio
Sophie Gamand

       I am at a loss for words, and that seldom happens! The reason why is my first glimpse of a collaboration between pet couturier  Anthony Rubio, and photographer  Sophie Gamand!

This series of photos shows the regal chihuahuas as they seem to envision themselves, something along the lines of royalty. Small in stature, and huge in personality, these chihuahuas shine in these scenarios.

My royal chihuahua pack, among very adorable others,  proudly participated in the series. My small Cosmo, pictured here, really enjoyed his photo shoot! He seemed to revel in the attention given to carefully putting on his fancy attire, and he proudly showed off his many glamorous looks. 
I know I rule the world, and it works for me.

This project took a full year to complete, and the effort was well worth the time spent. Anthony Rubio is a very talented designer,  who brings  especially  creative and unique fashion to his canine looks! He is a true artist. 

Sophie Gamand  is a gifted artist as well, a   photographer, who donates much of her talents to dog rescue. See:

My sweet as sugar Miss Georgia Peach, representing girly girl chihuahuas worldwide!

Anthony Rubio's chihuahua dressed to impress.

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