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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shopping for the Little Guys

I first hit Burlington Coat Factory. I found a rope toy with a chew, and my stuffed deer toy that looks like my dog Cosmo Kramer. (well it's his stuffed deer toy) $5 for the deer and $1.99 for toy. I am sure the deer was $1.99 too, but it was the only one and without a price tag.

At Marshall's, my stop two, I found two more toys, and wee wee pads at 50 for $9.99. A purple chew toy and a blue one with a rope. Very reasonably priced at $2.99 and $1.99 respectively. While on line, near the register, I found a $5.99 dress, and $5.99 t shirt. Dress for Georgia P, shirt for Chester.

When I paid, the cashier asked if I found everything alright and was satisfied. My response was,"Why are Halloween pet clothes near the register and not in the pet department? If I didn't get these other items I'd never have found the clothes."

( You can only get to the registers by waiting on several vast aisles of lines)

He replied,"Hello, welcome to Marshall's. Where everything is in the wrong place and is completely disorganized. If you want to find things, wrong place!"

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