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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ramone the (un) Reindeer

This story has all the elements for real drama. An attempted murder, a dedicated search and rescue and a team of 'forensic specialists' getting to the bottom of things.

The attempted murder:

I went to the Burlington Coat Factory pet department. I was taking a few photos, and took one of a  little dog sofa. I noticed a long leg precariously dangling out from the cushion of a leopard print sofa. Then I realized a prankster had twisted the head of a stuffed toy and placed his leg hanging out like he was crushed.

I tried to pry the sofa cushion up to get to him, as though he knew he was mocked and squashed. I pulled him to freedom. Lo, and behold it was a dead ringer for my dog Cosmo Kramer. The reindeer had long skinny legs, and a cute unassuming expression. It was a love thing. I love you Ramone Reindeer!

The mystery:

Ramone had no price tag. I know at Burlington that can turn into the kind of long drawn out thing at the register, where I just say,'forget it' and abandon my potential purchase.

I had to have Ramone though. So I searched through all the stuffed toys for another. As it stood, there was one and only one Ramone, and not so much as another toy by the same manufacturer.

The Finders of the Answer::

I got to the register and when the young man asked how I was, I warned him I had a reindeer with no price tag.  Intensive detective work ensued, with various phone calls and discussions.

In the end I was told Ramone was going to be five dollars. I agreed. Three cashiers were very interested in Ramone.  I taped some of this, and the drama... it was real. Thank you for Ramone, Burlington Coat Factory... although I bet his cost was supposed to be $1.99. Sometimes you pay the price for a dream.... a reindeer toy that looks 'just like your dog'. By the way, he is a regular deer I think, not a reindeer. Oops. :) Ramone, the (un)Reindeer.

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