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Friday, September 28, 2012


Cosmo Kramer and Sir Chester Sundae Latte Coco Puff. I let my real name be used, if their real names were used.

So yes, I took Cosmo to a visitation. I am not sure that funeral is the word.  I haven't been to many funeral type events lately*, and not one like this.

I was handed a paper with a URL to her memorial video website. Big flat screen LCD tv sets played the same video montage on a loop while 'Wind Beneath My Wings' played loudly.

I thought I would feel comforted with my little dog tucked in his 'secret' bag, and I did. That was in January though, and since then he has taken to really barking in that kind of scenario if the mood strikes him.

Well, by that kind of scenario I don't mean visitations, funerals, I refer to him being out and about in a now not so 'secret'  bag.


   An edit: I just read the article, hadn't since it came out I guess. Under my name is the name of Stella Panzarino and her dog Chico. I did not know those names then, but I certainly do now. It's pretty interesting to me that much later I met a person  who was underneath me in an article. I guess it's that nyc dog scene thing!  I found out about the NYC dog secret world through  'Felicia M' in that article.

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