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Friday, September 28, 2012

I Love Animals... Alive!

I don't eat animals. I don't try to force my opinions on anyone, but expressing them is another animal altogether.

All societies put different animals in certain roles. Perceptions of animals across cultures is so widely differing. To me personally, these cultural mores mean nothing to me. All animals are equal in my book.


I  understand how people can think eating dogs in another culture is horrific, but that it's fine to eat cows or pigs or etc.  I understand how they can think it, but I don't relate to that. One man's cow is another man's dog, is another man's horse, is just eat people if you're really starving.

 (although this is not relevant)

Which brings me to this:

I can't stand it. Meat is murder. That said, go back to your burger and fries, have a nice lunch.  I am not a PETA supporter, I am a LIFE supporter.

That's just who I happen to be. Yesterday I cried when my algae eater fish died. He was buried by a tree on 6th avenue. I can't even dwell on it, he was so cute and loved to suck the sides of the fish tank!

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