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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Tale of the Doody Thief

This is my father on the Hallmark Channel with his long haired chihuahua Ginger. He wanted a dog similar to my dog Chester. He and his wife adore their dog to no end, though she turned out to be very different than Chester. That was for the best. Chester is not a dog that goes shopping in a bag, and he is a ruffian. Their dog Ginger is dainty, sweet, and far smaller. In comparison to her, Chester is a big bruiser!  I know he has Chihuahua in there, but his traits more fit those of the Papillon breed.

His energy level is off the charts, and he definitely fits the profile of the 'eighth smartest' dog breed.

For the sake of honesty, my one clearly purebred dog fits neatly in at the 68th smartest dog (out of 79)
 spot. (

Cosmo is very min pin like, which seems to fall at 37. I know eating terds (spell check wants me to say terms) OK.. I know eating feces is not a sign of stupidity. It is something lots of dogs seem to do.

That said, he is really my only doody snacker. He can be just awful with the poop. If another dog drops one out, he will try to quickly snatch it and run off with the perceived 'goods'. At a lot of puppy play gatherings, these antics have  resulted in screaming women.

 It's hard not to anthropomorphize this dog, and think,'You're eating terms (feces) dude!'

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