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Thursday, October 4, 2012

My opinion on reindeer chihuahuas

A lot of breeder types will say there is no such thing as a deer chihuahua, that those types are 'poorly bred' examples being passed off as something 'unique' or 'special'.

I disagree! Maybe in the AKC there is no such thing (there is not), but that doesn't make a deer chihuahua a unicorn like creature.

The modern chihuahua has been carefully bred for the look it has. The chihuahuas in the 1940s and 1950s had the look of what is called 'the reindeer chihuahua.'

That was the vogue chihuahua appearance at the time. That look was also closest to that of the Techichi dog, which are believed to be the chihuahua's ancestors.

I personally think they are all cute, but am not so taken with the purebred AKC show standard chihuahua.

I love the throwback chihuahua. In my opinion these chihuahuas have an exemplary temperament generally!  Breeding chis to fit a standard did no favors to this breed, in my opinion. I really think chis could stand to be separated into two categories. As it stands, they sort of are. The show standard ones, and the original chi.

I do not have the standard chi at all. I have one that is 100% reindeer, and I love him long legs and skinny body and all.

eer Chihuahuas are bigger than most Chihuahuas
This is most likely the largest Chihuahua variant there is. The males reach up to twelve inches standing, with females reaching ten to twelve inches. This breed can reach weights up to twenty pounds and live as long as twenty years – that’s a long time. As with all Chihuahuas, this one has its own share of health problems, so the need to be a responsible pet owner needs to be emphasized when adopting or buying a Deer Chihuahua.
Look at the head and the snout – key features of a Deer Chihuahua
The Deer Chihuahua head is “clean,” and has a long muzzle, longer than other kinds of the same breed. Some people have noticed that a Deer Chihuahua’s snout resemble that of a terrier’s. Some Deer Chihuahuas retain a “bobble head” appearance.
The possessiveness of a Chihuahua
Every Chihuahua is reported to have a personality that’s completely loyal, very protective, and highly possessive of its owner. A Deer Chihuahua is nothing like that, nothing like that at all; they are social, and they can share their owners lap with other pets, and they’re good around kids. Stereotypes can go too far, sometimes.
Deer Chihuahua – yours maybe the closest type to the original
Should you own a Deer Chihuahua and hear about others saying yours is but a lowly cross-breed distanced from the genuine bloodline, that’s not true. Deer Chihuahuas are actually closer to the original bloodline compared to the rest, some of which have been bred small runt with small runt just to produce show dogs.
Deer Chihuahuas – you might be surprised to know they are good with children
With this dog being a popular breed, there are always stories being spread about, until people form stereotypes about this dog. For example, you’ll probably read about this tip – that homes with children and other pets are not good for Chihuahuas. The highly irritable, easy to snap, aggressive, possessive Chihuahua is often the result, they say, of this breed’s inherent dislike of children, and other pets not of the same breed and species. The exception to this is the Deer Chihuahuas, which are agreeable with children and other pets. Stereotypes can be misleading, don’t be fooled by this.
Some small dog enthusiasts want an Apple Head Chihuahua and others a Deer Chihuahua. Though they differ in some physical features, perhaps there’s also a difference in temperament between them. Regardless of the particular variant of a Chihuahua you get, you can be sure that the Deer Head Chihuahua that comes into your life is going to be a loyal and loving companion
  • (from the guide to chihuahuas)

1 comment:

  1. again very good information Erica, Thank You!
    My girl Pumpkin is most def a deerhead chi
    do you happen to know any chi's with OCD? my big girl Pumpkin is quite the handful...
    high maintenance...she'll be 10 ys old in dec. an breathes shallow sometimes at nite, so i'm apprehensive to try any meds for OCD
    and i know her behavior is my fault..i let her take over my apartment and now she is getting extremely demanding...and fierce with cu sometimes..Is it too late to change her behavior? I don't want to upset her, i know when she groans an moans that she's not feeling well
    any advice?