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Friday, October 26, 2012

Doggie Halloween Season

  Someone insulted someone for being in a video with my dog,  singing to my dog or whatever. Criticized them!  To each their own, but I have to say the person that was insulted lives with me and sings to my dogs every single day.

He has made them their own special songs, and this is all his doing. I don't make anyone sing songs to chihuahuas! Although, I'd like to make the uptight person that has an issue with dog serenading sing a little something to my dog. How about ' Loser', by Beck? :)

The fact this stalker is reading a DOG BLOG says a lot. You just earned a full minute of my time. Now back to worthwhile mammals..... the dogs! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Doggies and Dentists

 After I moved to NYC, the dentist I ended up seeing was the cousin of a friend of my friend's ex wife. My friend said he was very nice, and his wife liked that he wore 'special magnifying glasses'. I suspect that most dentists do that (i guess all) but I tried him.

I was told he was so nice, but would hire very nasty people to work in his office. Turned out to be correct. Yet, I went.

One front desk receptionist was very nice. Other than that, the assistant yelled at me and berated me for being a few minutes late once. The hygienist usually didn't speak a word to me, and threw dental floss on my lap when she was done. I finally decided enough already.

I was sent to a dentist who mistakenly thought I needed a root canal. He referred me to Dr. Louis Siegelman, a dentist on 57th St in NYC that specializes in anxious patients.

Well, my only complaint was that I paid for my cleaning in advance, and then was told it would be extra because my teeth needed extra cleaning, after the service. My dental hygienist life long friend told me she heard of that being done, but didn't think it was a good way to operate.

On the positive side, the staff could not be more pleasant. The hygienist did a great job cleaning my teeth.   I like the dentist, and the office is very modern.

If you do have dental anxiety, this is where to go. The hygienist, Melissa,  did a great job cleaning my teeth. 
She even took photos of Chester and sent them to me!

Chester could not have been welcomed more warmly. He relaxed calmly on my lap, even with the high pitched dental cleaning device. He was his usual perfectly behaved when he should be, self.

Never thought I'd have a 'favorite' dental cleaning experience to discuss. Well, here it is. I think Chester is such a fine 'dental companion dog'.I think the combination of a trained dog like Chester, and an accommodating health provider is brilliant. He is often welcomed at the office of any doctor I've been to, but I recently encountered  a dog unfriendly place. (as in yesterday!)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stylish Fashionista Pups

I was contacted by Bethe Austin, who has some serious talent with designing and creating dog clothes. She would like to make my dear model Peach a pretty dress.

I've seen dresses created by Bethe and her work was impressive!  Tomorrow I will send off Peach's measurements....

Then if you like what you see, I am sure you can have your own custom made Bethe Austin canine couture. Your dog is not going to be like the other dogs that only have 'Petco' and 'Kmart' styles in their closet! Not that those items aren't good for rounding out a wardrobe, but every stylish dog needs a few 'pieces' from a high end fashion (dog) house of sorts.

That said, Miss Peach became the owner of two new dresses tonight, that came from Elaine Lewis' big green tote bag!

I will have pictures coming, but one is a pink girly dress with a bow. It's too short on her, but I consider it a 'micro mini' that a young girl might want to wear. It's a tad revealing, but as this is a dog, her butt sticks out either way.

The other dress is almost a bit long, but I love polka dots. It's a good dress for the seasonal  transitions. I won't have my precious puppy wearing a summer sun dress in October. That is total 'white after labor day' rule breaking. A dog has to be season appropriate. 

New Pawty Dress from her LI Mama!

Beautiful Miss Georgia Peach aka 'Peachie', wearing hot new canine couture.

Cut to flatter her doggy shape, Peachie's frock is pawty pawfect.
An aerial view of this fashionista princess.
"I love you!"- GP

My opinion on reindeer chihuahuas

A lot of breeder types will say there is no such thing as a deer chihuahua, that those types are 'poorly bred' examples being passed off as something 'unique' or 'special'.

I disagree! Maybe in the AKC there is no such thing (there is not), but that doesn't make a deer chihuahua a unicorn like creature.

The modern chihuahua has been carefully bred for the look it has. The chihuahuas in the 1940s and 1950s had the look of what is called 'the reindeer chihuahua.'

That was the vogue chihuahua appearance at the time. That look was also closest to that of the Techichi dog, which are believed to be the chihuahua's ancestors.

I personally think they are all cute, but am not so taken with the purebred AKC show standard chihuahua.

I love the throwback chihuahua. In my opinion these chihuahuas have an exemplary temperament generally!  Breeding chis to fit a standard did no favors to this breed, in my opinion. I really think chis could stand to be separated into two categories. As it stands, they sort of are. The show standard ones, and the original chi.

I do not have the standard chi at all. I have one that is 100% reindeer, and I love him long legs and skinny body and all.

eer Chihuahuas are bigger than most Chihuahuas
This is most likely the largest Chihuahua variant there is. The males reach up to twelve inches standing, with females reaching ten to twelve inches. This breed can reach weights up to twenty pounds and live as long as twenty years – that’s a long time. As with all Chihuahuas, this one has its own share of health problems, so the need to be a responsible pet owner needs to be emphasized when adopting or buying a Deer Chihuahua.
Look at the head and the snout – key features of a Deer Chihuahua
The Deer Chihuahua head is “clean,” and has a long muzzle, longer than other kinds of the same breed. Some people have noticed that a Deer Chihuahua’s snout resemble that of a terrier’s. Some Deer Chihuahuas retain a “bobble head” appearance.
The possessiveness of a Chihuahua
Every Chihuahua is reported to have a personality that’s completely loyal, very protective, and highly possessive of its owner. A Deer Chihuahua is nothing like that, nothing like that at all; they are social, and they can share their owners lap with other pets, and they’re good around kids. Stereotypes can go too far, sometimes.
Deer Chihuahua – yours maybe the closest type to the original
Should you own a Deer Chihuahua and hear about others saying yours is but a lowly cross-breed distanced from the genuine bloodline, that’s not true. Deer Chihuahuas are actually closer to the original bloodline compared to the rest, some of which have been bred small runt with small runt just to produce show dogs.
Deer Chihuahuas – you might be surprised to know they are good with children
With this dog being a popular breed, there are always stories being spread about, until people form stereotypes about this dog. For example, you’ll probably read about this tip – that homes with children and other pets are not good for Chihuahuas. The highly irritable, easy to snap, aggressive, possessive Chihuahua is often the result, they say, of this breed’s inherent dislike of children, and other pets not of the same breed and species. The exception to this is the Deer Chihuahuas, which are agreeable with children and other pets. Stereotypes can be misleading, don’t be fooled by this.
Some small dog enthusiasts want an Apple Head Chihuahua and others a Deer Chihuahua. Though they differ in some physical features, perhaps there’s also a difference in temperament between them. Regardless of the particular variant of a Chihuahua you get, you can be sure that the Deer Head Chihuahua that comes into your life is going to be a loyal and loving companion
  • (from the guide to chihuahuas)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Dog and the Talking/Singing

The issue with my dog talking/singing is that to get him to do it I have to talk in a shriek of a voice that he will emulate.

That really hurts to do. I could see getting so carried away with this new fun thing to do, that I completely fry my voice.

I would like to come up with a better way. I think I know what! He will do it to hearing himself on video. So I can get him warmed up that way, instead of by me shrieking! :)

Kevin has a bird watching job this morning. That sounds funny. I mean, he is taking care of someone's conure!

Mutts in Manhattan is 'Birds in Manhattan' today.  I wonder if the Conure can speak as well as my puppy dog, Cosmopolis!

Debbie and Dogs!

   I am currently getting big smooches from Miss Georgia Peach. I am so crazy over this round little dog I can't express it!

She is such a sweet, friendly, loving girl. I definitely have that female dog I was wishing would be in my life.

Her face is so pretty, just angelic. I always feel one area of my life that is very balanced is my cats and dogs. All five of them are so good!

My dog Chester can be a little bit of a handful, and Cosmo can have yappy at strange large dog moments. Nobody's perfect... but as their mom, I think they are just that.

My point.... my stepmom Debbie sends them amazing care packages. Aren't they lucky dogs? She picks them out the cutest of cute gifts and sends them wonderful things!

I mention this, because she sent a package Saturday. It still has not arrived! It should have. I am so excited to see the contents of said package, and am anxiously awaiting the hopeful arrival of it today.

Thank you for these packages, they make me so happy.  I know they make my little pumpkins happy too. My little smooth coated chis love their clothes to keep their tummies warm. My long haired dog even loves to put a t shirt on if his Dad turns the fan up.

So from Dogs to Debbie:

Rainy Days

I took a couple of super cute poodles out in the rain, named Tiny and Fidget. They are really smart and sweet!

When I got home, my dog Cosmo sang some more. He was crooning 'Welcome to the Jungle' by Guns n Roses, and 'Sweet Emotion' by Aerosmith, and a couple others.

He really is a funny character. I will eventually get a video I am really pleased with. He coos at me and does such really wonderful vocal stuff. I feel fairly sure he will end up being great at this, he just started this in the past few days! I watched a you tube video of a chihuahua saying 'i love you' and he trotted over and said it even more clearly than the dog in the video! From then on, he's been a little chatterbox.

I had no idea I had a talking and singing dog. :) What a fantastical surprise. Chester is a therapy dog. Georgia Peach is a fashion model. Cosmo found his niche! He'd be great as a male dog human female impersonator. I could teach him some Cher songs,  or Diana Ross.

I should be crafting dog Halloween costumes, not vocal coaching chihuahuas to sing Guns N Roses! I have work to do, and I am getting distracted. Nothing should distract a lady from her dog halloween costumes!

And I leave you with...... W. Axl Kramester

Saturday, September 29, 2012


I respect a big man that can cuddle and sleep soundly with a chihuahua in her Halloween dress.                   

Puppies n Presents

Shopping for the Little Guys

I first hit Burlington Coat Factory. I found a rope toy with a chew, and my stuffed deer toy that looks like my dog Cosmo Kramer. (well it's his stuffed deer toy) $5 for the deer and $1.99 for toy. I am sure the deer was $1.99 too, but it was the only one and without a price tag.

At Marshall's, my stop two, I found two more toys, and wee wee pads at 50 for $9.99. A purple chew toy and a blue one with a rope. Very reasonably priced at $2.99 and $1.99 respectively. While on line, near the register, I found a $5.99 dress, and $5.99 t shirt. Dress for Georgia P, shirt for Chester.

When I paid, the cashier asked if I found everything alright and was satisfied. My response was,"Why are Halloween pet clothes near the register and not in the pet department? If I didn't get these other items I'd never have found the clothes."

( You can only get to the registers by waiting on several vast aisles of lines)

He replied,"Hello, welcome to Marshall's. Where everything is in the wrong place and is completely disorganized. If you want to find things, wrong place!"

Ramone the (un) Reindeer

This story has all the elements for real drama. An attempted murder, a dedicated search and rescue and a team of 'forensic specialists' getting to the bottom of things.

The attempted murder:

I went to the Burlington Coat Factory pet department. I was taking a few photos, and took one of a  little dog sofa. I noticed a long leg precariously dangling out from the cushion of a leopard print sofa. Then I realized a prankster had twisted the head of a stuffed toy and placed his leg hanging out like he was crushed.

I tried to pry the sofa cushion up to get to him, as though he knew he was mocked and squashed. I pulled him to freedom. Lo, and behold it was a dead ringer for my dog Cosmo Kramer. The reindeer had long skinny legs, and a cute unassuming expression. It was a love thing. I love you Ramone Reindeer!

The mystery:

Ramone had no price tag. I know at Burlington that can turn into the kind of long drawn out thing at the register, where I just say,'forget it' and abandon my potential purchase.

I had to have Ramone though. So I searched through all the stuffed toys for another. As it stood, there was one and only one Ramone, and not so much as another toy by the same manufacturer.

The Finders of the Answer::

I got to the register and when the young man asked how I was, I warned him I had a reindeer with no price tag.  Intensive detective work ensued, with various phone calls and discussions.

In the end I was told Ramone was going to be five dollars. I agreed. Three cashiers were very interested in Ramone.  I taped some of this, and the drama... it was real. Thank you for Ramone, Burlington Coat Factory... although I bet his cost was supposed to be $1.99. Sometimes you pay the price for a dream.... a reindeer toy that looks 'just like your dog'. By the way, he is a regular deer I think, not a reindeer. Oops. :) Ramone, the (un)Reindeer.

Strutting Mutts!

Cosmo Watches and Reacts to His Video

Georgia is not much of a talker, but Cosmo has something to say! I love these characters SO much! :)

Conversations at Puppy Play Group

This is long, and it's a bit scattered. At the time I took it I was utterly fascinated.

Feivel VS Chesterfield


My dog Cosmo learning how to say ' i love you!'

In no time Cosmo Kramer will be proclaiming,'`I love you!'  I am going to give the student a break. He is a quick study though, and if I make noises he will often emulate them pitch perfectly. What a little angel boy! I wuv you Cosmo Kramer!

A Few Pitbulls and Pit Mixes Needing Homes NYC area

Chihuahua on NYC Craigslist

What a cutie!

Free Pet Education Seminar Series at Animal Haven

Dr. Lucy O'Byrne is a wonderful vet, at West Village Veterinary, a practice I use. She neutered my fantastical Chester. He says,'Oh, her? Yeah.' He doesn't grasp the importance of being neutered, but I do! :)


Say Cheese!

Kevin would like to pose for a picture, as puppies run amok playing. He is all ready to pose, and doesn't realize a video is being taken. The location is West 13th St. Biscuits and Bath puppy play group in the West Village of Manhattan. 1 2 3... cheese!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Your Dog! Tell Me...

Tell me in the comments here, about your dog. Your dog's name and habits, age, and all that.
  Does your dog have any unique personality traits? Can they do any tricks? A favorite treat?
 I'd like to make a blog post about the 'dog of the day' at some point! If you don't have a dog, do you want one?

Chihuahuas made the cut

I Love Animals... Alive!

I don't eat animals. I don't try to force my opinions on anyone, but expressing them is another animal altogether.

All societies put different animals in certain roles. Perceptions of animals across cultures is so widely differing. To me personally, these cultural mores mean nothing to me. All animals are equal in my book.


I  understand how people can think eating dogs in another culture is horrific, but that it's fine to eat cows or pigs or etc.  I understand how they can think it, but I don't relate to that. One man's cow is another man's dog, is another man's horse, is just eat people if you're really starving.

 (although this is not relevant)

Which brings me to this:

I can't stand it. Meat is murder. That said, go back to your burger and fries, have a nice lunch.  I am not a PETA supporter, I am a LIFE supporter.

That's just who I happen to be. Yesterday I cried when my algae eater fish died. He was buried by a tree on 6th avenue. I can't even dwell on it, he was so cute and loved to suck the sides of the fish tank!

Strut Your Mutt

A walk for homeless pets. Strut your mutt is a huge event.

"It's Time to Strut Again for Homeless Pets!

Get ready, get set, get your pooch warmed up's time for Best Friends Animal Society's 3rd Annual Strut Your Mutt in New York City. Join us for a 2-mile, relaxing walk to help homeless pets in the New York Tri-State area, and then celebrate afterwards at Hudson River Park's Pier 84 at our ultimate doggie festival.
Who: Animal lovers in the New York area who want to raise money for homeless pets, and have a great time with their dogs.
What: Leisurely 2-mile group dog walk followed by a festival that includes doggie yoga and massage, photo opp's, free consultations with trainers and pet specialists, complimentary treats for your dogs, fun activities and contests, refreshments and more.
Where: Hudson River Park's Pier 84, located at W. 43rd Street and the West Side Highway (right next to the Intrepid)
When: Saturday, September 29, 2012. Registration begins at 7:30am; walk begins at 9am. Festival ends at 1pm.
Why: To raise money for one of our participating local animal rescue groups (our No More Homeless Pets Network Partners) and Best Friends Animal Society, and help bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets."

 If you want more details, I will state the obvious,  check out the site! Between this and the Coney Island Posh Pets Rescue Event Sunday, the dog scene is hoppin' this weekend.


Cosmo Kramer and Sir Chester Sundae Latte Coco Puff. I let my real name be used, if their real names were used.

So yes, I took Cosmo to a visitation. I am not sure that funeral is the word.  I haven't been to many funeral type events lately*, and not one like this.

I was handed a paper with a URL to her memorial video website. Big flat screen LCD tv sets played the same video montage on a loop while 'Wind Beneath My Wings' played loudly.

I thought I would feel comforted with my little dog tucked in his 'secret' bag, and I did. That was in January though, and since then he has taken to really barking in that kind of scenario if the mood strikes him.

Well, by that kind of scenario I don't mean visitations, funerals, I refer to him being out and about in a now not so 'secret'  bag.


   An edit: I just read the article, hadn't since it came out I guess. Under my name is the name of Stella Panzarino and her dog Chico. I did not know those names then, but I certainly do now. It's pretty interesting to me that much later I met a person  who was underneath me in an article. I guess it's that nyc dog scene thing!  I found out about the NYC dog secret world through  'Felicia M' in that article.

Diets and Dogs

 Someone told me they keep their dog beneath a certain weight, so the dog can fly in a cabin with them. The dog feels bony to me.

 I felt my own dogs and two of them are not at all fat, but I feel no bones. The third, Kramer, is a cryptorchid. A cryptorchid, I have read, can tend to stay very thin. I do feel bones, but not too much so. The vet said this weight was actually perfect from him as he has two luxating patellas, and weight will only serve to cause harm to them. (The weight is 3.8 pounds for the peanut fellow) (cryptorchidism defined) (if you have a little dog you probably don't need a definition of what a luxating patella is, unfortunately.)

What would you suggest to a person that wants to fly with their dog but  said dog is a purebred that perhaps got larger than they expected, and over a certain weight? (so now that dog cannot fly in the cabin, and the owner needs to take the dog out of the country often.)

I can just google this. One ..moment... please....

OK, the weight limit varies with different airlines. If you were flying Jet Blue, for example, your dog can weigh 20 pounds or less for a cabin ride. But wait, this includes the carrier too.

This is not an easy  one. If you have a snub nosed dog over 20 pounds, this dog can not fly at all.
 My three dogs could all fit in a carrier or kennel and be beneath 20 pounds. Maybe not 15. This is not relevant as I do not think even one of my dogs is going flying with me or anyone as far as I know.

In other unrelated dog news, I received an email from the Park Manager,Manhattan District 1 & 2 Manhattan Outdoor Pool Manager, regarding the angry dog park volunteer who said I can't bring my dog stroller.

Stand up for your right to stroll your dog! Protest by rolling down 5th avenue with your chihuahuas yodeling. A 3 pound dog with bad knees does not need to be walked to a park. I believe he needs to be walked, yes, but not that far. If he (or my others too, of course) got stepped on, it would be.. well, I am going to choose not to think about it. I think of him mostly, as his legs look like pencils and/or stilts.  I think this also relates to the condition of cryptorchidism. Or the condition of, well being a baby reindeer.

I remember a cashier in a store saying to me, in earnestness,"Is that, yo, is that like, you know, a one day old reindeer?"  And being who I am, I said no, more like a week and a half old reindeer.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chester the Rock Star!

Chester appearing on the Hallmark Channel.

Doggy Madness

When I said there should be better laws pertaining to animal rights, this was not what I meant!  

Calling all Puppies (and puppy like doggies)

Mark Fields with Chesterfield.

Cosmo and Ms Peach

Paco Ramirez (I had mentioned he looks like a teddy bear in an earlier post!)

Carrie Lee and Nathan with Krishna and Chester

Poppy with Chester

Monica and the Cosminator

Kevin and the posse. Kevin was possibly just hit in the head by a shovel.

Feivel F. Fields

The peanut twins

More of my pack.

Fenway the Frenchie

The dogs at last in repose. That was a long playtime!