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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chihuahua Pitbull Mix Needs Home

I found this randomly while searching for something. (clearly a dog related thing!) I was very saddened to read that this adorable pit bull chihuahua mix had lost her home.

If it were not for human beings, pit bulls would not be overcrowding east coast shelters, or in any way be in the predicament they are in currently.



Chihuahuas on the West Coast are particularly suffering for the breed's popularity. I have historically always heard awful things about chihuahuas, but mine are nothing like anything I have ever heard.

I know firsthand, how you socialize your dog is so vital to the dog's ultimate temperament. This is not to say there are not certain cases of a dog being an aggressive dog. The problem is, it is the same deal as with stereotyping humans. It's basically the equivalent of 'All pit bulls eat watermelon and drink grape soda', 'All chihuahuas are frugal and cheap', 'All German Shepherds are illegal aliens' etc.

I only needed one analogy, but I was ready to keep going. Anyway, dog's have been man's best friend for so long,  it's time to collectively be a best friend to them back.

Pitbulls are dogs. Some have serious behavioral issues. Some certainly don't. That can apply to any and every type of dog, or other animal, including the human variety.

If a person has a known vicious or dangerous dog of any kind, that is a menace to anyone in society (owner included) I can understand a landlord wanting the dog to go. Or understand laws in place.

But condemning a breed this way? I can't tell anyone how to feel or how to think, but I know how I feel on the matter. That said, I think a chihuahua pit mix is absolutely, fantastically adorable.  (want)

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