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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Preparing for the Chillier Days Ahead

Cosmo Kramer
wears a hot winter look. This bright sweater came from Burlington Coat Factory, and set me back $7.99. (23rd street and 6th ave NYC)

This Burlington has a pretty big pet section on the second floor. The selection is hit and miss, however, there is always some degree of cute stuff to be had.

Twenty dollar or less carriers, reasonably priced very cute dog beds, and on and off there's nice attire. I like it enough, that it is a regular haunt on my route.  I have fun going to this store never knowing what to expect. This isn't everybody's bag, but I really love it. Cosmo  would agree, except the part where the clothes go over his head and he's all,'Not again! Really? Give me my Nylabone!'

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