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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dog Clothing Awareness Message!

 Now that the weather is cooler in NYC, I have broken out the fall clothes for my two smaller dogs. This is actually a matter of necessity, not just trying to get a smile from my dog's funny ensembles.

Cosmo Kramer, my big beastie,  weighs in at just under 4 pounds, and has a short coat. He is easily cold. I hate when he shivers! Georgia Peach is built more like a football (or as my friend AnaMaria says, a Bratwurst), so I would think she would be warmer. Alas, no. She is one of those chihuahuas with a single short coat, very sparse, and barely there on about half her body. Her chest is bald, as is her tummy kawummy. (By the way, little Cosmo is my security guard, and is one of those little dogs that truly seems to think he transcends size, or is just a huge dog)

Therefore, you guessed it. (well, perhaps not) She must wear pieces of her expansive wardrobe.
Only my larger, quite fluffy Chester, manages to get to walk around 'naked'. ( coined from Doreen Valenti, a true dog fashionista)

So my point, which is in here somewhere, is this: A few days ago Cosmo wore a dapper red pea coat, and Peach donned a striped sweater with a pink faux leather dog bone. Yes, their clothes are always vegan, although I can't say the same for the dogs themselves! I just realized, a dog bone image is actually not the most vegan of images as it were. It is alluding to the bone of a poor deceased creature, one that was presumably eaten. :(

The dogs looked so fall ready, and were nice and cozy. During the summer, strangers remarked that it was too hot for my female pup to be wearing her light harness dress. The reason she had it on, was that she needed that layer to protect bald skin from being burned.

So remember, dog clothes aren't always just 'arguably fashionable'. they are functional. I am not in the business of overheating tiny dogs. I have other things on my agenda!

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