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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debbie and Dogs!

   I am currently getting big smooches from Miss Georgia Peach. I am so crazy over this round little dog I can't express it!

She is such a sweet, friendly, loving girl. I definitely have that female dog I was wishing would be in my life.

Her face is so pretty, just angelic. I always feel one area of my life that is very balanced is my cats and dogs. All five of them are so good!

My dog Chester can be a little bit of a handful, and Cosmo can have yappy at strange large dog moments. Nobody's perfect... but as their mom, I think they are just that.

My point.... my stepmom Debbie sends them amazing care packages. Aren't they lucky dogs? She picks them out the cutest of cute gifts and sends them wonderful things!

I mention this, because she sent a package Saturday. It still has not arrived! It should have. I am so excited to see the contents of said package, and am anxiously awaiting the hopeful arrival of it today.

Thank you for these packages, they make me so happy.  I know they make my little pumpkins happy too. My little smooth coated chis love their clothes to keep their tummies warm. My long haired dog even loves to put a t shirt on if his Dad turns the fan up.

So from Dogs to Debbie:

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