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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Doggies and Dentists

 After I moved to NYC, the dentist I ended up seeing was the cousin of a friend of my friend's ex wife. My friend said he was very nice, and his wife liked that he wore 'special magnifying glasses'. I suspect that most dentists do that (i guess all) but I tried him.

I was told he was so nice, but would hire very nasty people to work in his office. Turned out to be correct. Yet, I went.

One front desk receptionist was very nice. Other than that, the assistant yelled at me and berated me for being a few minutes late once. The hygienist usually didn't speak a word to me, and threw dental floss on my lap when she was done. I finally decided enough already.

I was sent to a dentist who mistakenly thought I needed a root canal. He referred me to Dr. Louis Siegelman, a dentist on 57th St in NYC that specializes in anxious patients.

Well, my only complaint was that I paid for my cleaning in advance, and then was told it would be extra because my teeth needed extra cleaning, after the service. My dental hygienist life long friend told me she heard of that being done, but didn't think it was a good way to operate.

On the positive side, the staff could not be more pleasant. The hygienist did a great job cleaning my teeth.   I like the dentist, and the office is very modern.

If you do have dental anxiety, this is where to go. The hygienist, Melissa,  did a great job cleaning my teeth. 
She even took photos of Chester and sent them to me!

Chester could not have been welcomed more warmly. He relaxed calmly on my lap, even with the high pitched dental cleaning device. He was his usual perfectly behaved when he should be, self.

Never thought I'd have a 'favorite' dental cleaning experience to discuss. Well, here it is. I think Chester is such a fine 'dental companion dog'.I think the combination of a trained dog like Chester, and an accommodating health provider is brilliant. He is often welcomed at the office of any doctor I've been to, but I recently encountered  a dog unfriendly place. (as in yesterday!)

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