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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stylish Fashionista Pups

I was contacted by Bethe Austin, who has some serious talent with designing and creating dog clothes. She would like to make my dear model Peach a pretty dress.

I've seen dresses created by Bethe and her work was impressive!  Tomorrow I will send off Peach's measurements....

Then if you like what you see, I am sure you can have your own custom made Bethe Austin canine couture. Your dog is not going to be like the other dogs that only have 'Petco' and 'Kmart' styles in their closet! Not that those items aren't good for rounding out a wardrobe, but every stylish dog needs a few 'pieces' from a high end fashion (dog) house of sorts.

That said, Miss Peach became the owner of two new dresses tonight, that came from Elaine Lewis' big green tote bag!

I will have pictures coming, but one is a pink girly dress with a bow. It's too short on her, but I consider it a 'micro mini' that a young girl might want to wear. It's a tad revealing, but as this is a dog, her butt sticks out either way.

The other dress is almost a bit long, but I love polka dots. It's a good dress for the seasonal  transitions. I won't have my precious puppy wearing a summer sun dress in October. That is total 'white after labor day' rule breaking. A dog has to be season appropriate. 

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