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Monday, January 14, 2013

Pets on Death Row

Someone said to me they wish they were a dog because my dog's have such a nice life. I wish all dogs and cats had such a nice life. They all deserve it! I imagine my own pets on death row, or in a shelter cage, and I am heartbroken! Those pets are my pets. They are no different than my Chester, Cosmo, Georgia, Conklin and Pandora. The difference is my animals have people to love them. That's what those other guys all deserve. But sadly, people put them in their situation. As humans, at the 'top' of the animal hierarchy, we owe them all so much better than this collectively. :( Unfortunately, there are so many out there that don't care, or don't understand. Those people aren't just harmful to animals, but in general. Sorry for the rant, it's my nighttime looking at animals on a list to be destroyed. :(

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