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Friday, January 11, 2013

Actors and Models :)

All of my chis have been on tv now. Usually models turn into actors, but these little tv hounds have made a foray into modeling!

Sophie Gamand is a gifted photographer ( and Anthony Rubio a very talented canine couture designer.

My pups modeled for Sophie in a top secret project involving Anthony's designs, as well as a fun photo shoot. When there are more details, I will share them. In the meantime, next month they will appear here:, and in this instance, I will be appearing too. This is the first time I have shown up in a book other than the books of!  I was dressed as a child in a purple ballerina ensemble, an '80's teen', and now a woman dressed to match some very wonderful chihuahuas.

The Three Chis

 Chester's too cool for (obedience) school.

Cosmo is thinking of his homeland, Chihuahua Mexico here, fondly.
"I am Cosmito!"

                                  Precious Peach... in Blue.


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